Ms Caruso lives in the South Loop with her husband, Jordan, and their two rescue dogs, Valentino and Pippin.

Leader of the Pax

Fayth Caruso was born in New York, raised in North Carolina and eventually landed in Chicago. But we’ll get to her Chicago story soon enough…

Fayth studied ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, improvisation, and composition at the University of North Carolina School of Arts and earned a BFA in dance. While in college, she began practicing Pilates for injury prevention and core strengthening.

After college, she promptly packed the car and moved to LA. There she became certified in STOTT Pilates® at John Garey Pilates.

SoCal is beautiful, but when she heard the siren song of a fellowship calling her back to NYC she packed up again. Engaged as a choreographer and dancer at the Lincoln Center Institute, Fayth premiered her first work, “In Human Form.” This kicked off her freelance dance career in both performance and choreography. Her experience includes music videos, dance theaters, festivals and ads.

To supplement her income (this was NYC after all) she decided to teach Pilates. After working at a few studios, Fayth landed a job at the well-known Pilates on Fifth. She earned additional certifications including Pilates Academy International (PAI), ActivCore® and Cardiolates®, eventually becoming an instructor trainer for PAI.

Freelance dance career, check.
Instructor at prestigious studio, check.

It wasn’t enough. Fayth has energy to spare as you will learn in class. She also became the Pilates Coordinator for Crunch on the Upper West Side, and started her own dance company.

In her spare time (!), Ms Caruso traveled to Chicago to visit friends. Naturally she fell in love with the city. In 2010, she made it her home and relocated her dance company here. She is currently pursuing an MFA in dance through Hollins University/American Dance Festival.

After teaching at local studios, Fayth felt there was a demand that wasn’t being met. “I decided to open a studio where I could combine my extensive Pilates knowledge with my passion for movement and dance.” Welcome to her studio. Welcome to Sixpax.